Israel will go ahead with judicial overhaul after Passover, says minister

Middle East Monitor  /  April 3, 2023

The Israeli government will push ahead with the proposed judicial overhaul immediately after the upcoming Passover holiday, Transportation Minister Miri Regev said on Sunday.

“As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, the reform was only put on hold and there is a clear date for the next session. Right after Independence Day, we will continue with the legislation,” she told the Likud publication Melukadim. “Netanyahu paused [the overhaul process] to allow for negotiation, but if there is none, we will bring it [back up] for reconfirmation.”

Regev claimed that throughout this whole process, the government called for dialogue but there was no response. “Now, the prime minister has made a leadership decision for the unity of the people and suspended legislation until the next [parliamentary] session.”

According to the minister, a Likud delegation has already been appointed to negotiate with the opposition. “The negotiation team will see if there is a willingness for reasonable agreements that will meet the voters’ expectations.”