Israel to punish colleagues of soldier held in Gaza

Middle East Monitor  /  July 7, 2021

The Israeli army decided to punish colleagues of Hadar Goldin, the soldier who’s being held as a prisoner of war in Gaza, after they discussed his case with the media, Channel 12 revealed yesterday evening.

The reservists spoke to the channel about the circumstances that led to Goldin’s capture.

According to Channel 12, the soldiers, who were part of Givati Reconnaissance Battalion during the offensive, criticized the Israeli government and army for not rescuing Goldin over the past seven years.

The Israeli army, the broadcaster said, decided to “take revenge” on them and is prosecuting them for their “courageous criticism of the government and the army.”

A spokesman for the Israeli army was reported by the channel as saying: “Law bans soldiers from conducting interviews without a prior permit or coordination with their leaders. Therefore, they will be prosecuted.”

Israel believes the bodies of two of its soldiers, Lieutenant Hadar Goldin and Sergeant Oron Shaul, are being held in Gaza after they were killed in battle during the 2014 assault on the enclave. This is in addition to two alleged civilians, Avera Mengistu and Hisham Al-Sayed, who Hamas says are also soldiers and are being held as prisoners of war.