Israel threatens to continue assassinations

Middle East Monitor  /  February 10, 2022

Israeli officials threatened on Wednesday to continue assassinating Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, Al-Resalah newspaper has reported. The remarks came a day after three Palestinians were killed in broad daylight by Israeli Special Forces in Nablus.

Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel told public broadcaster Kan that the Oslo Accords do not give any immunity to any Palestinians. He insisted upon Israel’s “right”, as stipulated in the accords, to enter PA-controlled areas and carry out operations there.

Hendel alleged that the three Palestinians killed in Nablus were planning to carry out attacks against Israeli targets. He reiterated that security cooperation with the Palestinian Authority “has been and is still an Israeli interest.”

Many Palestinians believe that the Israeli assassination of the three Palestinians in the PA-controlled area was carried out in cooperation with the PA security services.