Israel still banning computers from entering Gaza

Middle East Monitor  /  August 17, 2021

Since the end of the Israeli offensive on Gaza in May, Israel has continued to ban the entry of building materials along with hundreds of other basic commodities into the besieged enclave.

“The Israeli occupation has been putting tight restrictions on the entry of basic materials, including construction materials since the end of its war on Gaza three months ago,” an economist expert at the Gaza Chamber of Commerce Maher al-Tabba said.

According to Al-Tabba, the Israeli occupation continues the closures of the crossings between Israel and Gaza and only

“allows the entry of nonessential materials.”

“Israel allowed the entry of washing machines, fridges, and equipment for solar energy systems,” he said, adding: “The Israeli occupation allows the entry of commodities which do not have an actual impact on the Gaza residents.”

However, according to Al-Tabba, the occupation continues its ban on computers which are necessary for students and other sectors.”