Israel refuses to sign deal on preventing attacks on residential areas

Middle East Monitor  /  November 21, 2022

Israel has refused to sign an agreement that prevents carrying attacks that lead to civilian casualties in residential areas, Al-Watan Voice reported yesterday.

Al-Watan Voice reported Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth saying that it was expected that Israel will not have sign the agreement as it has been targeting Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian civilian areas.

The report stated that 80 states, including the US, UK and France led the deal in Dublin, which was the outcome of three years of discussions.

According to the Israeli newspaper, many superpowers refrained from signing the deal, including Russia, India and China, in addition to Israel and Ukraine.

The deal does not impose a complete ban on targeted inhabited areas because it gives the warring armies a space for evaluation of threats.

Many NATO member states signed the agreement after the US did so.

Rights groups have repeatedly accused Israel of targeting civilians and carrying out massacres in civilian areas in the occupied Palestinian territories and in Syria.