Israel prison administration assaults Palestinian female prisoners, monitoring group says

Middle East Monitor  /  December 20, 2021

The Israeli prison administration in Damon prison has been carrying out successive assaults against female Palestinian prisoners, the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) reported yesterday.

In a statement, PPS said the repression measures against female prisoners continued for days and are still ongoing, stressing that the prisoners were severely beaten and some of them had been slightly injured.

The statement said the Israeli prison authorities  imposed several repressive measures against the female prisoners, including cutting off electricity and spraying tear gas in their cells, adding that one of the prisoners lost consciousness during the repeated attacks.

The escalation against the female prisoners took place after they refused the new measures announced by the prison administration against them, as well as the collective penalties that were imposed on them, including depriving them of family visits and purchasing items from the canteen, and the imposition of fines.

The Israeli prison administration punished placed three prisoners – Shoroq Doyat, Marah Bakir and Mona Kaadan – in solitary confinement.

As of November, 32 Palestinian women are being held by Israel.