Israel: national security has never been in a worse state, claims general

Middle East Monitor  /  October 2, 2023

A former Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defence Forces, Major General Dan Harel, has said that he has never seen the occupation state’s national security in a worse state, Haaretz reported on Saturday. Harel made his comment during a protest march against the coalition government’s proposed judiciary reforms.

“This reckless government is leading to the unravelling of the IDF and poses a genuine existential threat,” he added as he addressed tens of thousands of Israelis protesting for the 39th week against the attempts of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to weaken the judicial system. At the same time, he criticized the bill that would give full exemption for Haredi Jews from military service.

“This bill will lead to the loss of motivation among new recruits, as well as to the disintegration of the regular apparatus of the Israeli army,” he explained. “This is the end of the people’s army, which is the miracle that we made.” The government, he concluded, has “betrayed” the people.