Israel judges slam Netanyahu coalition’s legislation

Middle East Monitor  /  December 28, 2022

Seventy-eight retired Israeli judges yesterday signed a petition expressing their objection to recent legislations proposed by the far-right coalition of the Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu.

The petition said that Netanyahu’s legislative moves were “violating citizens’ rights as well as the judicial system’s independence,” adding that the legislation was “transforming public servants into political affiliates.”

Israel’s Kan 11 quoted officials as saying that the petition was an “unusual move by the judges who usually refrain from making official statements or expressing their political opinions.”

The judges’ letter also stressed their concern about the judicial “override clause”, which is said will circumvent the Israeli Supreme Court and reduce its powers.

“We retired judges hereby express our grave concern about elected officials’ recent statements regarding expected legislative moves, which mean damage to the country’s fundamental values,” the letter read, according to Haaretz.

Netanyahu’s coalition, which includes Haredi Jews and far-right parties, said recently it would enact legislation that would reduce the Supreme Court’s authorities and powers, which also conflicts with the country’s so-called 12 Basic Laws.