Israel forces Palestine family in Jerusalem to demolish 3 homes

Middle East Monitor  /  December 16, 2021

Israeli occupation authorities yesterday forced a Palestinian family to demolish their homes in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan, Wadi al-Hilwa Information Centre reported.

Mazen Nassar said his family was forced to carry out the demolition to avoid paying 80,000 shekels ($26,000) for the occupation municipality to do it. Thirty-five members of his family have been displaced as a result.

Israeli occupation authorities claimed that the houses lacked the necessary building licences.

Nassar’s father purchased the two dunum plot of land 40 years ago, but the occupation authorities offered the family “compensation” in order to vacate it, Nasser explained.

When the family refused, they were subjected to harassment by the municipality in order to drive them out, and the land was classed public property.