Israel detains 200+ Palestinians in West Bank this week alone

Middle East Monitor  /  August 30, 2023

The Israeli occupation forces have already detained more than 200 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank this week alone, raising the number detained since the start of 2023 to more than five thousand, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club (PPC) said on Tuesday.

The latest prison data shows that there are now more than 5,100 Palestinians currently held in Israeli jails, including more than 1,200 under the infamous administrative detention system with neither charge nor trial.

According to the PPC, Israeli crimes go beyond the detention of the Palestinians, extending to attacks on their families, the vandalism and destruction of their homes and violations of their rights once in prison.

It also pointed to the “dangerous” social impact of Israel’s mass detention campaigns, especially on the families which have more than one member in prison.

The PPC accused Israel of carrying out detentions in order to undermine the legitimate struggle against the brutal military occupation.