Israel continues intensification of military measures in the northern Jordan Valley

WAFA  /  April 13, 2023

JORDAN VALLEY – Israeli occupation forces continued for the sixth consecutive day the intensification of military measures at Al-Hamra checkpoint in the northern Jordan Valley, said local sources.

Al-Hamra checkpoint is erected at an intersection that connects the cities of the West Bank to the central, southern, and northern Jordan Valley.

Israeli soldiers stationed at the checkpoint stopped and thoroughly searched Palestinian-registered vehicles attempting to cross the checkpoint and checked the identity cards of passengers, causing a heavy traffic jam and obstructing the movement of Palestinians, including farmers who were unable to reach their lands or were forced to take alternative roads to reach their destination.

Restricting the movement is one of the main tools that Israel employs to enforce its regime of occupation over the Palestinian population in the occupied territories, said the Israeli information center for human rights in occupied territories, B’Tselem.

“Israeli restrictions on Palestinians’ movement impose a life of constant uncertainty, making it difficult to perform everyday tasks or make plans, and frustrates the development of a stable economy,” said the center.