Israel arrests PA’s Jerusalem Governor for 18th time

Middle East Monitor  /  August 1, 2022

The Israeli occupation forces arrested the Palestinian Authority’s Governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Ghaith yesterday, for the 18th time since he was appointed to this post more than two years ago.

The Israeli soldiers raided Adnan Ghaith’s home in the Silwan neighbourhood of Jerusalem before taking him into custody, reported Wafa news agency.

The reason behind the arrest remains unclear, and the Israeli police have yet to issue an official statement.

His spokesman Mauruf Al-Rifai told Wafa, “We were unable to communicate with him.”

He was last arrested in 2020 for working on behalf of the PA in the Israeli-occupied section of the city.

Ghaith was barred from entering the occupied West Bank for six consecutive months by the Israeli army, under the pretext that he participated in “illegal and violent activities”.

Another order was issued by the General Commander of the Central District of the illegal Israeli occupation, which prevented Adnan Ghaith from communicating with the PA.

Israel claims that his activities in the city undermine its authority. However, in none of the cases did the occupation present sufficient evidence to justify Ghaith’s continued detention.