In an Israeli plot intended to seize 70 shops in Hebron’s Old City, a carpentry owner ordered to evacuate shop

WAFA  /  April 27, 2023

HEBRON – The Palestinian owner of a carpentry shop in the old city of the southern West Bank city of Hebron/Al-Khalil was informed today by the Israeli military authorities to evacuate his shop by May 9, a move seen as part of an Israeli plot to seize 70 Palestinian-owned shops in the old city and turn them over to the settlers.

Imad Hamdan, director of the Hebron Reconstruction Committee, told WAFA that soldiers stormed the carpentry owned by Abdul Mahdi Abu Eisheh, seized the shop keys, and informed him to empty the shop and remove all the equipment by May 9 or the army would remove them by force.

He said this step is believed to be the first act in a general plot by the occupation authorities to turn over 70 Palestinian shops in Hebron’s Old City to the settlers as announced earlier this year.

Hebron’s Old City is under full Israeli military control where several small settlement outposts dwelled by hardcore settlers are found and where its Palestinian residents come under constant attack by the settlers, who are protected by soldiers, and their movement is highly restricted by checkpoints and metal gates.