IDF chief of staff says 1,500 Palestinians have been arrested

Chief of Staff of Israeli Army, Aviv Kohavi (Jim Watson - AFP)

Middle East Monitor  /  September 6, 2022

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi alleged that around 1,500 wanted Palestinians have been arrested in the occupied West Bank and hundreds of attacks have been thwarted so far as part of ‘Operation Break the Wave’, which was launched at the end of March, local media reported.

Kohavi added during a military conference that the increase in operations stems from the ineffectiveness of the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s security mechanisms, which leads to their lack of governance in certain areas of the West Bank.

“As always, even in the face of this development, our test is protecting the citizens of Israel, and our mission is to thwart terrorism. We will reach every city, neighbourhood, alley, house or basement for that purpose. Our activity will continue and we are prepared to intensify it as needed,” he was quoted in The Times of Israel as saying.

“Our activity will continue and we are prepared to increase it according to the need,” he added.