Hungary denies relocating embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Middle East Monitor  /  March 4, 2023

Hungarian President Katalin Novak denied on Friday that her country had decided to relocate its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, news agencies reported.

Despite Israeli reports that Hungary would move its embassy to Jerusalem next month, Reuters reported Novak saying that no decision had yet been made.

On Friday, The Times of Israel claimed that the move would take place in an act of support by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

“I also read news in the press,” Novak shared during a news conference while visiting Prague. “In Hungary, a decision so far has not been made on moving our embassy in Israel.”

Netanyahu has enjoyed strong support over the years from Hungary’s Orban, an important ally who has been ready to block European Union statements or actions critical of Israel in the past.

Orban congratulated him after his election, saying: “In difficult times, strong leaders are needed.”