Hamas: ‘Israel’s detention campaign will not hinder our determination to run for elections’

Middle East Monitor  /  March 25, 2021

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas on Wednesday condemned the Israeli detention campaign against its officials and ex-detainees in the West Bank and stressed that this would not undermine its way towards parliamentary elections.

In a statement, Hamas announced: “We confirm that the detention campaigns launched by the Israeli occupation army against Hamas officials and supporters will not hinder our determination to run for Palestinian elections.”

However, Hamas asserted: “The campaigns will reinforce our resilience to go ahead with rearranging the Palestinian House on a democratic basis.”

The movement called on all: “Friendly states and people supportive of Palestinian rights and the Palestinian cause to take action against the arrogance of the Israeli occupation, which interferes in internal Palestinian politics.”

Hamas stressed: “The Palestinian people have a right to freely exercise their political rights guaranteed by all international laws and humanitarian conventions.”

Concluding its statement, Hamas called for punishing the Israeli occupation and expelling it from all international and United Nations bodies over: “It’s appalling violations of the norms of freedom and democracy and dominating another people through military force and disrespecting international law.”