Hamas, Fatah to meet in Egypt to discuss actioning new deal

Middle East Monitor  /  January 6, 2021

Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah are expected to meet in Cairo soon to discuss the implementation of the latest agreement which it is hoped will bring an end to internal division, Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported yesterday.

Preparations for the meeting are being arranged in Cairo to discuss Hamas’ agreement on holding Palestinian elections consecutively.

Fatah’s Jebril al-Rajoub and Hamas’ Saleh al-Arouri will head their movements’ delegations. The officials have been in contact since September in spite of the Palestinian Authority’s decision to resume security coordination with the occupation, sources have revealed.

As part of the reconciliation developments, Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas is expected to meet with the head of the elections committee Hanna Naser to discuss holding the polls. Naser is then due to visit Gaza to carry out talks with Hamas.

No time has been set for when the elections will be held, the source said, adding that a decree needs to be issued by Abbas and notice gave three months before the chosen date.