Hamas calls on PA to side with Palestinian people against Israel occupation

Middle East Monitor  /  September 20, 2023

Hamas yesterday called for the Palestinian Authority (PA) to side with the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation, a statement said.

It also urged the PA to get involved in the fight against occupation forces which “raid Palestinian territories day and night, steal Palestinian land and desecrate religious holy sites.”

In a statement issued to mark the first anniversary of the detention of Musaab Shtayyeh, who is being held by the PA as a result of his resistance against the occupation, Hamas said: “One year has passed since the kidnapping of fighter Musaab Shtayyeh, who is wanted by the Israeli occupation … The campaign against Palestinian fighters has been escalating in coordination with the Israeli occupation.”

Hamas stressed that “this security coordination will not break the will of the Palestinians, who believe that resistance is the only way to liberate Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

The Islamic Movement urged the PA to stop its campaign against the Palestinians and stop political detention under false pretences.

It called for all national figures to put pressure on the PA to release political prisoners being held in its jails.

Concluding its statement, Hamas called for the Palestinians to support the resistance and protect it and called for the PA to turn away from the occupation and its settlers and join the side of the Palestinian people.