Germany cancels condemnation of UNHRC probe into possible Israeli crimes

Middle East Monitor  /  June 24, 2023

Germany has cancelled its condemnation of a UN Human Rights Council commission of inquiry into the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories in response to measures aimed at expediting Jewish settlements, Walla reported on Friday.

“As part of the gathering of the Human Right Council in Geneva this week, the US issued a notice of condemnation of the commission of inquiry,” shared Israeli journalist Barak Ravid.

He added: “Germany announced that it would join the announcement, but a day after the government’s decision to shorten the construction approval procedures in the settlements, the Germans announced they were withdrawing their signature.”

Walla pointed out that Germany is the most important ally for Israel in Europe and the second most important globally after the US, noting that Germany’s effort to undermine anti-Israel moves at the UN has been significant.

It also noted that the German action surprised Israel, which has recently announced projects for building more than 10,000 Jewish settlement units across the occupied West Bank.