Fatah official stresses need to change strategy after ‘evaporation’ of US promises

US President Joe Biden (Kyle Mazza - Anadolu Agency)

Middle East Monitor  /  March 3, 2022

The deputy head of Fatah said today that all the American promises that were made after the election of Joe Biden as US President have “evaporated”, and issues are being avoided.

Mahmoud al-Aloul told Palestine TV that it has become clear to everyone that the Palestinian position is solid and is not open to compromise in terms of principles, regardless of the pressures being applied.

Al-Aloul stressed the need for a change in strategy to face the Israeli occupation. He noted that this conclusion was made by the Palestinian Central Council, the decisions of which represent all Palestinians, and constitute a unified national position.

“We are an optimistic people, and we will continue our struggle to achieve our goals,” said the Fatah official. He made specific reference to the escalation of Israeli violations against the Palestinians, which have led to the killing in cold blood of 16 civilians since the beginning of this year.

In closing, Al-Aloul made special mention of the fact that there is an ongoing struggle with the Israelis in occupied Jerusalem. The suffering of the residents of the Holy City resulting directly from the measures imposed by the occupation is “unprecedented” and affects all aspects of life.