Fatah: No agreement with Hamas on joint electoral list

Palestinians demonstrate in front of Israeli soldiers during (Reuters)

Middle East Monitor  /  October 15, 2020

Deputy Secretary-General of Fatah’s Central Committee Sabri Saidam announced on Wednesday that there is no agreement with Hamas on the joint electoral list for the parliamentary elections, Wafa News Agency reported.

Saidam confirmed that the issue was not discussed during the national dialogue rounds: “No names or lists were proposed at all.”

Saidam reiterated that Fatah, ordered by President Mahmoud Abbas, is progressing towards ending the internal divisions and achieving reconciliation.

He stressed that the reports mentioning the joint list are “false”, calling for mass media to report news only from credible sources.

The senior Fatah official expressed hope that all factions work towards the success of the elections, noting the “positive atmosphere”.