Fatah MP: Meeting of Palestinian National Council ‘Israeli necessity’

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abbas Momani - AFP)

Middle East Monitor  /  February 1, 2022

Senior Fatah leader in the West Bank, and member of Fatah’s parliamentarian bloc, Hussam Khader, revealed on Monday that meeting of Palestinian National Council (PNC) “is an Israeli necessity,” Quds Press reported.

“The meeting of the Central Council of the PNC aimed to arrange the internal situation of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the PLO based on Israel’s security necessities,” Khader told Quds Press.

He noted that the meeting “is planned to agree on the arrangements following the absence of the Fatah, PLO and PA President, Mahmoud Abbas.”

Khader, who was elected a member of the PNC in 1996, reiterated that holding the meeting of the PNC’s Central Council comes in violations of the charter of the PLO.

“Even if the meeting was held, it would never take any decision in favour of the Palestinian people, Palestinian unity or halting security cooperation with Israel,” he stressed, pointing out that stopping security cooperation with Israel “is a national Palestinian demand.”

The senior Fatah leader and MP stated that halting security cooperation “means removing the head of the Palestinian politics–Abbas, who does not take any decision against the interests of the occupation.”

Regarding the PLO member factions, Khader, who has been detained by Israel more than 27 times, said: “Sadly, they are weak and have no effective roles within the PNC.”

The Central Council is the reduced body of the PNC, which represents the Palestinians in Palestine, Israel and Diaspora. It does not include Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which have recently turned down invitations to participate in its planned meeting.