Fatah is ‘waiting for Hamas to approve Istanbul understandings’

A gathering of national and Islamic factions in Gaza (Mohammad Asad - MEMO)

Middle east Monitor  /  October 20, 2020

Fatah’s Central Committee has approved the understandings agreed after talks with Hamas in Istanbul recently, and is apparently waiting for the Islamic movement’s formal approval, Wafa news agency reported on Monday.

Senior Fatah official Rawhi Fattouh told Palestine TV that following Hamas’s approval, the President of Fatah, the Palestine Liberation Organisation and the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, will issue decrees to hold elections.

“We still have hope that what has been agreed upon with Hamas in Istanbul will be accomplished,” said Fattouh. He added that all of the Palestinian factions agreed to participate in the parliamentary election, but if any decide not to take part, they will not put obstacles in its way.

The Fatah official explained that the process will begin with the parliamentary election, then the presidential election and finally the election for the Palestinian National Council. All will be carried out within six months.

“The ball is now in the court of Hamas to accept what was agreed upon,” he said. “There is still hope and the dialogue has not stopped.” He pointed out that all outstanding issues can be resolved after the elections.

In closing, Fattouh believes that some parties, “especially in Gaza,” might be delaying reconciliation because “some people may lose personal interests.”