Fatah assures members after no agreement reached on united electoral list

Middle East Monitor  /  April 3, 2021

Member of Fatah’s Central Committee Rawhi Fattouh called on Fatah members and supporters not to fear the fragmentation of the main Palestinian secular movement after no agreement was reached on a united electoral list.

Two days after registering Fatah’s list, Fattouh posted on Facebook: “Fatah members – stand up together in one row and let us mobilise a million votes for Fatah’s electoral list. Victory is coming, God willing.”

He added: “Do not fear the minor lists (other Fatah lists) because you are the custodian of the storm of Fatah, you are the heritage of the legitimate leader martyr Abu Ammar (Yasser Arafat). You are the heirs of Abu Jihad, Abu Iyad, Abu Yousef, Abu Said, Abu Ali, etc…”

Fattouh continued: “You are the heroes of cities, villages, deserts and refugee camps in the homeland and diaspora. Palestinians will bring victory and create the state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its eternal capital.”

Fattouh also called on supporters not to hesitate to take to the ballot boxes in droves to overcome Fatah’s fragmentation and not to pay attention to any of the minor lists. “Our day is 22 May, 2021, to celebrate great victory,” he announced.