DFLP slams PA silence on Jewish settler violence

Middle East Monitor  /  June 24, 2023

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) on Friday condemned the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s silence towards the increased Jewish settler violence in the occupied West Bank.

“Our people started to ask about the time when the PA’s political leadership will assume its political, ethical and national responsibility,” the DFLP criticized in a statement.

The DFLP also asked: “When will the PA defend the Palestinians and their national dignity against the brutal attacks of the settlers, which have become a daily phenomenon with the full backing of the Israeli occupation forces?”

According to the statement of the DFLP, the events in the Palestinian towns of Turmus Ayya, Huwara, Orif, Saanjal and others: “Indicates that there is a new occupation policy being implemented there.”

The DFLP believes this policy: “Is based on unleashing the hands of the settlers to burn Palestinian homes, cars and other property to plant fear among them in order to repeat what happened in 1948.”

In the statement, the DFLP reiterated that the Palestinians recognize the goals of such an Israeli policy, stressing: “Palestinians are aware of this and the 1948 scenario will never be repeated, but this does not exempt the PA from its duty to defend the Palestinians.”

The DFLP also called for the PA not to believe it is working sufficiently when it calls for the US administration to pressure Israel to stop its attacks, noting: “This is a ridiculous game.”

At the same time, the DFLP reminded the PA that the US does not adopt a neutral stance, but assumes the Israeli position against Palestinian rights.”This is clear when the US condemns the Palestinian self-defence, while its feels worried regarding the increasing brutal settler violence and crimes against the Palestinians,” the DFLP conveyed.

Concluding its statement, the DFLP called for the PA to turn to the Palestinian people and adopt the popular and armed resistance against the Israeli occupation, as well as to issue strategic decisions that achieve victory against the occupation and settlers.