Calls for the reconstruction of the PLO

Middle East Monitor  /   May 29, 2023

Prominent Palestinian figures and national leaders have called for the reconstruction of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the election of a National Council on the 59th anniversary of its establishment.

Political forces, national activities, and the People’s Conference of 14 million launched an appeal to adhere to the organization, signed by most factions, forces, institutions, and notably, Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements.

Omar Assaf, a member of the Democratic Assembly, said during a press conference held in Ramallah on Sunday in partnership with figures in Gaza and abroad, “This project is widely accepted by all forces, associations, and civil society institutions that have signed and will sign the declaration.”

Assaf emphasized the determination to unify efforts to rebuild the PLO, away from quotas and dominance, through the election of the Palestinian National Council with the participation of all people in all their locations.

For her part, Amal Khreishe, a member of the Follow-up Committee for the Palestinian People’s Conference of 14 million, who read the appeal, said, “The challenges necessitate the re-election of the National Council and  return to the people with the participation of all Palestinian people’s gatherings.”

She added that everyone is required to raise their voices loudly, rally around the reconstruction of the organization, activate its role by joining all national components and adhering to it, activate its role as a legitimate representative of the people, and immediately call for the election of the National Council, which restores the organization’s role.

On his part, Hassan Khreishe, the second deputy of the Legislative Council’s president, said, “It is inconceivable that we start with liberation and end with begging through negotiations.”

Khreishe confirmed that the young generation wants to participate in reforming the organization.

He continued, “We want to reclaim the organization from its hijackers without coups and through the law via elections and the election of a National Council in the West Bank, Gaza, the diaspora, and the 48 territories.”

He clarified that the National Council elects the Executive Committee, and the Executive Committee elects its president, indicating that all national forces should enter the council to restore consideration to the national charter.

He stressed the formation of a popular bloc and integrating roles to restore consideration to the unity of the Palestinian people.

Khreishe emphasized that the organization is not the property of anyone and that everyone should participate in it.