Call for action against rising crimes in Arab communities in Israel

Middle East Monitor  /  September 1, 2021

The High Follow-up Committee for Arab Citizens in Israel yesterday called for a series of anti-government activities to pressure authorities to take action against rising crime rates in Arab communities, Quds Net News reported.

In a statement, the Follow-up Committee said it had decided to put pressure on the government in order to fight the increasing crime rates in Arab cities in Israel.

Their activities, the statement said, would include protests in front of all police stations in Arab cities, demonstrations and a vehicle convoy protest next week.

During the meeting, the committee head, Mohammad Baraka, said: “Since the start of this year, 80 victims have been killed by gangs, including five victims over the last two days. This indicates that this year will record an unprecedented number of victims.”

“Ending crime in the Arab community does not need a plan or a government decision, but a police interference as happened in the Jewish communities many years ago.” He added that authorities are “not interested” in battle crime rates among Palestinian citizens of Israel.

The Arab-Israeli leader warned that the Israeli government is encouraging crimes among Arabs “in order to attract the Arab youth to police and army recruitment.”