Biden called upon to downgrade relations with Israel

Middle East Monitor  /  July 18, 2023

US President Joe Biden has been called upon to downgrade relations with Israel, Israel National News has reported. The call was made by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday.

In an interview on Democrat TV, Olmert said that Biden should take steps against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition. “I call on the United States to make a new assessment of relations with Israel for all that this implies. I call on world leaders not to meet with Netanyahu.”

The former prime minister added that those who love the State of Israel must act against the government. “There is no senator in the history of the United States who has a longer history of voting for Israel than Biden. If he loves Israel, Biden must act against the government.”

Although the US president has already said it, explained Olmert, he needs to give it a practical dimension. “He needs to give a message about re-evaluating relations with Israel. About everything that is implied by that, including the things that are the focus of Israel’s importance and attention.”

This, concluded Olmert, is to “make it clear to the violent group [the extreme far-right] that supports Netanyahu what price the State of Israel will pay for [the far-right’s] actions.”