Ben-Gvir agrees to freeze judicial reform delay in exchange for ‘National Guard’

The Palestine Chronicle  /  March 27, 2023 

Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir reportedly agreed to freeze the controversial judicial reform after repeatedly threatening to leave the government, Israeli media reported.

According to The Jerusalem Post, “the (Israeli) government will approve at its next meeting on Sunday a decision to form a National Guard and subjugate it to … Ben-Gvir.”

In exchange, Ben-Gvir announced the government’s plan to overhaul the judicial system was being put on hold until the parliament’s summer session, which begins on April 30.

Ben-Gvir added that the break would give time for the Israeli government to seek a compromise with the political opposition. The Jerusalem Post explained that “Netanyahu also promised that if agreements over the judicial reform were not reached during the Passover recess, the reform would pass during the next Knesset term”.

Tens of thousands of Israelis demonstrated outside the parliament on Monday in a dramatic escalation of the mass protest movement aimed at halting Netanyahu’s judiciary reform.