Barghouti: Age of Palestinian parliament candidates should be reduced to 21

Middle East Monitor  /  January 20, 2021

Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative Movement, Mustafa Barghouti, called on Tuesday for reducing the age of candidates for the Palestinian parliament to 21.

In a statement sent to the media, Barghouti said that most of the Palestinians are youth and most of the voters are youth. “So we have to exert much efforts to encourage them not only to vote, but to run for parliament, get involved in political life and hold real, leading positions.”

Meanwhile, he reiterated the importance of holding the national dialogue meetings as soon as possible in order to agree on the safety and transparency of the elections.

Fatah sources revealed on Monday that the Palestinian factions are scheduled to meet in Cairo on 5 February.

On Tuesday evening, Anadolu News Agency reported that a meeting between Hamas and Fatah representatives would be held in Istanbul before the Cairo meeting.