Arafat’s nephew: PA policies destroyed Palestinian institutions

Middle East Monitor  /  September 27, 2022

The policies of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the occupied West Bank have “destroyed Palestinian institutions”, the Head of National Democratic Forum, Nasser al-Qudwa, said yesterday.

PA policies “led to the absence of law and flagrant violations of human rights that keep up with the policies of the Israeli occupation,” he explained.

During a meeting organized by the Union of University Professors in Gaza, Al-Qudwa said: “There is a division which is being turned into a separation. Gaza attempts to get rid of this situation, but the PA policies destroyed everything. Hamas is ready to end the division.”

He stressed that PA President Mahmoud Abbas “will never accept holding elections” and “we must put pressure on his aides to accept carrying out elections.”

He went on to say that Oslo Accords “are dead”, pointing out that he had told the Europeans the Palestinians would not accept the Quartet’s conditions to form a government because Israel “will not respect it.”

Sending a message to Abbas, he said: “We tell you that you are no longer the sole decision-maker,” reiterating that Abbas has been refusing reconciliation with Hamas and the Palestinian factions.

Regarding the planned meetings of the Palestinian factions in Algeria, Al-Qudwa said: “Despite knowing they have positive intentions, but I do not think they will succeed because Abbas is backed by Israel and the region to remain in control of the Palestinian institutions.”