Amnesty: Western governments secretly admit that Israel is an apartheid state

Mohammad Ayesh

Middle East Eye  /  June 6, 2022

Solomon Sacco, deputy director of Amnesty International’s Law and Policy Program, has revealed that legal advisers to western governments admit in private meetings that they see no error in reports by international human rights organizations that classify Israel as an apartheid state, he said in an interview with Arabi21 website.

On the sidelines of a conference on Israel’s apartheid regime against Palestinians, organized by the International Centre of Justice for Palestinians (ICJP), in London on Tuesday, Sacco said that, “Amnesty International has concluded that Israel has committed an internationally prohibited crime against humanity, represented by apartheid.

“This took us longer than it should have, perhaps this is due to the weakness of international rights organizations, where they did not prioritize discrimination and systematic racism, as is the case recently. It took international human rights organizations more than two decades to seriously engage in this issue,” he told Arabi21.

Sacco stressed that “there is a consensus among human rights and non-governmental organizations that Israel is applying a system of control against the Palestinians, and is consolidating apartheid against millions of Palestinians”.

Mohammad Ayesh is an Arab journalist based in London