Algeria FM: ‘Normalisation with Israel irresponsible’

Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra (Odd Andersen - AFP)

Middle East Monitor  /  November 13, 2021

Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra has declared that the normalization of ties with the Israeli occupation state is an “irresponsible” decision, Al-Quds al-Arabi reported on Friday.

In an interview with a local TV channel, Lamamra affirmed that the next Arab League summit slated to be held in Algeria would be dealing with Arab unity.

Commenting on recent events in Libya, he explained that Algeria “considers some of Libya’s politicians’ promises to normalize ties with Israel irresponsible”, stressing that his country “respects Libyan sovereignty and will not interfere in the Libyan elections.”

Meanwhile, he called on Arab countries to: “Support the Palestinian people rather than aiding the Israeli occupation to expand its territories at the expense of the Palestinian rights.”

This came on the heels of requests made by Khalifa Haftar and his son for Israeli diplomatic and military support, in return for potential normalization in case Haftar’s son wins the presidential elections.