Abbas: ‘Do not deal with Israel government that does not recognize international legitimacy’

Middle East Monitor  /  December 10, 2022

Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday called on the international community not to deal with any Israeli government that does not recognize the principles of international legitimacy.

Speaking at the China-Arab Summit in Riyadh, Abbas announced: “These days, we miss a partner in Israel who believes in a two-state solution based on international legitimacy, signed agreements and renounced violence and terrorism.”

He added: “Despite all of this, we will not abandon commitment to international law, and we look forward, amid these difficult circumstances, that you continue to mobilize international support to implement resolutions of international legitimacy and the Arab Peace Initiative.”

Abbas urged the international community to back Palestine’s efforts to obtain full United Nations (UN) membership, hold an international peace conference, receive international protection for Palestinians and implement UN resolutions related to the Palestinian cause.

He emphasized the need for an apology and compensation from Britain and the US for the Palestinian people because of the disastrous Balfour Declaration and the pre-1948 British Mandate of Palestine.

The PA president also pressed for an apology and compensation from Israel for the dozens of massacres it committed during the 1948 Nakba, the destruction of hundreds of Palestinian villages and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes.

Abbas accused the international community of allowing Israel “to continue violating international law” and continue occupying Palestinian territories while it has not been able to help create the Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.