7amleh issued a new report entitled ‘The attacks on Palestinian digital rights’

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7amleh  /  February 3, 2022

In May 2021, 7amleh was confronted with a sudden increase in digital rights violations by social media companies and the Israeli authorities. The 7amleh team jointly put their efforts into creating a Google Form to document and monitor these digital rights violations in six-languages. The results of this were published in the report: “The Attacks on Palestinian Digital Rights”

LINK : حملة – المركز العربي لتطوير الإعلام الاجتماعي (7amleh.org)

7amleh’s pressure on Facebook ,regarding their content moderation of Palestinian content, resulted in an independent review of these content moderation policies. Later in the year the 7or Platform – the first open source online platform to monitor, document and follow up on the digital rights violations of Palestinians (pronounced as Hur, Arabic for ‘free’) was published in November in order to more efficiently and effectively monitor and analyze digital rights violations of Palestinians.

Additionally, 7amleh continued raising awareness on digital rights issues through evidence-based research, participation in webinars, digital campaigns and advocacy. 7amleh’s annual 4-day Palestine Digital Activism Forum (PDAF) 2021 focusing on digital rights during the coronavirus had more than 1600 Participants from over 70 countries. Furthermore, 7amleh has published a first of its kind, research on the reality of privacy and data protection in Palestine, and advocated around the need for a Palestinian law on privacy and data protection.