71% of Palestinian students passed the Tawjihi high school exam

Middle East Monitor  /  August 3, 2021

Some 84,598 male and female students in all governorates across Palestine sat the Tawjihi high school exam last June.

Nearly 83,000 students sat this year’s Tawjihi exams in Palestine, the Ministry of Education said today. With 71 per cent achieving pass marks.

Some 82,924 students sat the exams at the end of June and 59,128 found out today that they had passed.

This year’s exam season came after a difficult year for students, not only because of ongoing closures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but also because they took place just one month after Israel’s brutal assault on the Gaza Strip which killed over 250 people, including 66 children, and damaged thousands of properties.

Students in the West Bank also experienced hardships as a result of the ongoing Israeli occupation coupled with the Palestinian Authority’s crackdown in the occupied West Bank following its murder of activist Nazar Banat.