UN: Poverty among Palestine refugees in Lebanon jumps to 93%

Leni Stenseth, UN Assistant Secretary General-Deputy Commissioner General in UNRWA (Leni Stenseth - Twitter)

Middle East Monitor  /  October 27, 2022

Poverty levels among Palestine refugees in Lebanon have jumped from 70 per cent at the start of 2022 to 93 per cent now, Deputy Commissioner-General of the UN Agency for Palestine Refugees, Leni Stenseth, said yesterday.

Following a field visit to meet with refugees in Lebanon, Stenseth said that there is a “dramatic humanitarian crisis” hitting Palestine refugee camps in the country.

She said that most of Palestine refugees in Lebanon, which has been plunged in to a deep economic crisis, “are unable to secure the needs for their daily life.”

Taking to Twitter she said: “UNRWA is working on a prevention campaign to help shield refugees from a cholera outbreak that struck Lebanon this month.”

Lebanon hosts about 210,000 Palestinian refugees, including 30,000 who fled Syria after the start of the 2011 civil war.

Days ago the UNRWA made an urgent appeal for $13 million in funding for cash assistance to families, primary health care services and to keep the agency’s schools open until the end of the year.