Several Palestinians detained and wounded during Israeli raids in West Bank

MEE Staff

Middle East Eye  /  August 30, 2022

Israeli forces arrested two Palestinians from Rujeib village, after hours of armed clashes, and several others in Jenin and Tulkarm.

Several Palestinians were wounded and others arrested during raids by Israeli forces on various towns and cities in the occupied West Bank in the early hours of Tuesday.

Following armed clashes that lasted for hours, Israeli forces detained two Palestinians from Rujeib village near Nablus.

According to local media, Nabil al-Sawalhi and Mahmoud al-Tirawi were arrested inside a house in Rujeib when they ran out of ammunition. Israeli forces had fired five anti-armour shells at Sawalhi’s house, wounded four Palestinians with bullets, and used Sawalhi’s father as a human shield to make the arrests.

The Israeli army meanwhile sent reinforcements, a bulldozer and a reconnaissance plane to Rujeib.

In Nablus, two settlers were also wounded on Tuesday morning when shooters fired at their vehicle as it was being driven to Joseph’s Tomb on the outskirts of the Palestinian city.

According to Israeli media, the two settlers had entered the area without coordinating with the army. Following the shooting, they left the car and hid in the street near Joesph’s Tomb before military forces took them away.

Palestinians reportedly later set their vehicle on fire. The settlers’ injuries were described as “moderate to serious.”

Clashes in Jenin and Tulkarm

Armed clashes also erupted on Tuesday morning in the Palestinian town of Jenin.

Israeli forces had raided Jenin town, arrested two young men, and destroyed the furniture in the house of a released Palestinian prisoner. 

Palestinian media reported that Israeli forces had confiscated several civilian vehicles and used them to infiltrate what is known as the German neighbourhood and schools in the eastern parts of ​​Jenin.

More than 25 military Israeli vehicles raided the area while soldiers occupied the rooftops of several homes, held their residents, and turned their houses into military observation points.

Eyewitnesses told local media that Palestinian gunmen had clashed with Israeli special units in several places in Jenin’s eastern neighbourhood, where they heard heavy gunfire and explosions.

Israeli forces arrested Omar Bulbul, a former political prisoner, and Mohammed al-Saadi, after chasing them in a vehicle in Jenin.

They also stormed the house of former political prisoner Ghassan al-Atrash in the German neighbourhood and held him and his family for about two hours, searching the house and destroying all its contents.

Israeli forces also arrested six Palestinians from the city of Tulkarm, raided the house of Muntaser al-Karraz in al-Faraa refugee camp Tubas, and arrested him.