Report – The Israeli government’s old-new Palestine strategy

Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem (Mostafa Alkharouf - Anadolu Agency)

International Crisis Group  /  March 28, 2022

 What’s new? Not much, and that is the problem. It is business as usual for Israel and the outside world vis-à-vis the Israeli-Palestinian conflict following the eruption of violence in April-May 2021. The Israeli coalition government arrived with messages of positive change but has stepped up repressive practices instead.

Why does it matter?The Spring 2021 events showed that the status quo guarantees future rounds of escalation. Failure to address the conflict’s roots or at least lower the temperature via intermediate steps will precipitate more violence. International near-silence has allowed Israel to take further measures to quash Palestinian resistance to the occupation.

What should be done? International stakeholders should push for long-overdue steps to reduce risks of another flare-up – a long-term truce in Gaza; a halt to West Bank settlements and evictions of East Jerusalem Palestinians; respect for traditional arrangements at Jerusalem holy sites; and renewal of Palestinian political leadership – while rethinking approaches to peace.


The Israeli Government’s Old-New Palestine Strategy | Crisis Group