Report: Israel issued 260 administrative detention orders this year

Middle East Monitor  /  February 2, 2023

Israel has issued 260 administrative detention orders against Palestinians since the beginning of the year, including 103 new orders, the Palestine Centre for Prisoner Studies said.

The organization explained that the orders included 157 decisions to renew the administrative detention of prisoners for periods ranging from two to six months, with some prisoners seeing her detention renewed five times.

The centre said that the number of administrative detainees has significantly increased and  there are now 860 administrative detainees including three lawmakers and two female prisoners, Raghad al-Fani from Tulkarem and Shurouq Muhammad al-Badan from Bethlehem, in addition to seven minors.

It pointed out that administrative detention is a criminal policy aimed at wasting the lives of Palestinians behind bars without a legal basis as prisoners are held without charge or trial.