Manuel Musallam: ‘Armed fighters in Nablus inspire hope, safety, right to return’

Middle East Monitor  /  October 29, 2022

Member of the Islamic-Christian Committee in Support of the Holy Places, Father Manuel Musallam, announced on Friday that armed fighters in Nablus inspire hope, safety, the right to return and the liberation of all Palestinian lands.

The senior Palestinian Catholic priest reiterated that the armed fighters in Nablus and Jenin: “Are fighting an intruder occupation that jeopardizes the whole Palestinian existence,” stressing that the occupation of land and holy sites is “terrorism”.

He asserted: “There would be no safety for us, protection, rights, development, peace, justice, mercy, dignity, freedom, Jerusalem or home under the Zionist occupation.”

In a letter sent to the Arab Foreign Ministers, who are meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday in Algeria, he wrote: “Israel’s security and occupation is being undermined, not the security of the Arab nations. Those who recognize a homeland for the occupation in Palestine jeopardize the security of the Omah,” calling for Arab leaders to “remove the occupation and help elect a new national council.”

For months, the occupied West Bank has witnessed a new trend of armed resistance carried out by a group of youths who call themselves “The Lions’ Den”.