Israel notifies 15 Palestinian families to leave their Jerusalem homes

Middle East Monitor  /  September 14, 2022

Israeli occupation authorities yesterday notified Bedouin residents of Arab al-Kaabneh, located between the towns of Bir Nabala and Beit Hanina, to evacuate their homes.

The supervisor of Al-Baydar Organization for the Defence of Bedouin Rights, Hassan Mleihat, said in a statement that Israeli occupation forces stormed the area where the Kaabneh Bedouin tribe live and handed 15 families evacuation notices.

Mleihat added that the Israeli policy of displacement and deportation aims to uproot Bedouin communities from the vicinity of occupied Jerusalem and to replace the original residents with Jewish settlers.

This policy constitutes a form of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians, he said

Mleihat called on human rights and international institutions to defend the residents of these communities and to provide all possible support to consolidate their presence on the ground.