Israel is working to remove Jordan as custodian of Al-Aqsa, sheikh warns 

Sheikh Najeh Bakirat, the Deputy Director of the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf (Twitter)

Middle East Monitor  /  April 20, 2022

Israel is beginning to impose temporal and spatial divisions of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the deputy director of the Islamic Awqaf in Occupied Jerusalem has warned.

The Palestinian Information Centre reported Sheikh Najeh Bakirat accusing the occupation of making efforts to impose its administrative control over Al-Aqsa Mosque and end Jordan’s role as the custodian of the holy site.

He expressed his belief that Israel, as an occupying power, seeks to enforce the Jewish culture on Al-Aqsa Mosque and its vicinity, warning that such aggression against the mosque would have serious implications on the overall situation in the holy city of Jerusalem.

The Jerusalemite official called for urgent international action to curb Israel’s growing violations in the holy city.

On Friday, at least 152 Palestinians were wounded when Israeli occupation forces stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque and fired at Palestinian worshippers.