Israel extends detention of Palestinian hunger striker despite deal to release him

Middle East Monitor  /  September 29, 2022

An Israeli court yesterday extended the detention of Palestinian prisoner Khalil Awawdeh for one week under the pretext that he has a mobile phone.

Muhjat al-Quds Association said in a statement that the Israeli occupation authorities extended Awawdeh’s detention over claims of having a mobile phone he used when he was moved from Assaf Harofeh Hospital to Al-Ramla Prison clinic.

The Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners and Freed Prisoners in Gaza said that the extension of Awawdeh’s detention “is a coup against the deal reached on his release based on which he suspended his hunger strike.”

It also said: “This way, the Israeli occupation authorities backtrack from pledge they made last month to release the hunger striker on 2 October 2022.”

“This is a dangerous development that means the occupation will not release the hunger striker on the agreed upon date unless a new court ruling is issued,” it said, warning that the court will likely renew the extension.

On 31 August, Awawdeh suspended his hunger strike after 172 days as part of a deal reached with the Israeli occupation authorities stipulating he will be released on 2 October and his administrative detention will not be renewed.