Israel detains family members while visiting prisoner 

Israeli Border Police officers arret a Palestinian man in the Old City of Jerusalem (Faiz Abu Rmeleh - Anadolu Agency)

Middle East Monitor  /  October 3, 2022

The Israeli occupation authorities detained the family member of a Palestinian prisoner while they were visiting their son in Rimon Prison, yesterday, Felesteen has reported. The move came after the Israeli Prison Service claimed that a prisoner’s sister had stabbed a female soldier in the hand.

Aseel al-Titi, the sister of prisoner Sabu al-Titi, is alleged to have attacked the soldier after the latter conducted a “provocative and humiliating body search” while she was visiting her brother. Aseel was handcuffed and taken to an unknown place, while her mother was also interrogated.

“The families of Palestinian prisoners are being subjected to humiliating and provocative searches when they visit their sons in Israeli jails,” said the Palestinian Prisoners’ Ministry in Gaza. “The families are also sometimes beaten and left to wait in direct sunlight at the gates of the prison sections.”

The ministry added that Israel makes “false reports and narratives about its aggression against the Palestinian prisoners.” It urged the media and human rights groups to fact check Israeli reports in order to disclose the truth to the world.