Israel detained 815 Palestinian children in 2022

Middle East Monitor  /  December 14, 2022

Israeli occupation forces have detained 815 Palestinian children since the start of 2022, activist and specialist in prisoner affairs Abdul Naser Farwaneh said yesterday.

According to Farwaneh, most of the detained children were interrogated and spent short periods inside Israeli jails before being released.

He stated that there are 150 child prisoners still inside Israeli jails, noting many of them were released on condition of house arrest or after paying high fines.

Farwaneh said that targeting of Palestinian children by the Israeli occupation “has become systematic,” pointing out that the Israeli occupation does meet the minimal requirement for a standard detention facility used for children.

Palestinian children inside Israeli jails suffer from mistreatment and severe torture, he warned.

“Palestinian children have paid a high price as a result of the Israeli occupation,” he said, noting that there are horrifying accounts from former child prisoners about the condition of their detention.