Israel Army Chief warns against soldiers’ involvement in political struggle over judicial overhaul

Middle East Monitor  /  February 23, 2023

Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, Herzi Halevi, warned Thursday against the Army’s involvement in the political conflict over the controversial judicial reform plan.

This came after hundreds of soldiers in the reserve forces have been widely involved in the widespread protest movement against the Israeli government’s judicial reform plan. Former army generals, officers and soldiers in the reserves, as well as those in active service have even signed petitions against the proposed plan.

Speaking at an Army event, Halevi called on the soldiers in the regular service and the reserve forces to leave differences outside and “preserve a single and unified Israeli Army”, noting that “disagreement is raging in Israeli society these days”.

For his part, the Israeli President, Isaac Herzog, who attended the event, said his mission is to seek wide platitudes about reforming the Israeli judicial system, which would prevent a “major rift” in Israeli society.

“I am doing my best to reach agreements that prevent a major division within us and preserve the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. It is important to maintain an independent judicial system that protects the rights of citizens and minorities,” he added.

Herzog said the Israeli Army is the army of the “state that must remain above all political differences”.