In light of international support for Ukraine, Palestine calls for back up too 

Head of the Palestinian General Authority for Civil Affairs, Hussein al-Sheikh (Twitter)

Middle East Monitor  /  March 5, 2022

In light of international support for Ukraine, Palestinians have called for the international community to stop its double-standards policy and back the Palestinian cause.

“When colour, religion and race become an identity, it’s when values, morals and humanity are lost,” member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Hussein al-Sheikh, posted on Twitter.

He added: “When international legitimacy is violated by double standards, justice is lost, rights are destroyed, and power has become a tyranny.”

Al-Sheikh also stated: “Dozens of international resolutions have been lost and destroyed as there is no real intention to implement them. The people of Palestine are still victims of occupation and victims of the absence of justice.”

Meanwhile, Fatah’s Spokesperson Osama al-Qawasmi expressed: “We remind the world that the Palestinian nation is occupied and persecuted by Israel, which practices all forms of violations, killings, torture, displacement and home demolition against it.”

He also stated that Israel imposes “apartheid” on the Palestinian people: “In violation of the simplest human rights, while we do not hear any condemnation or international rejection to the Israeli crimes.”

Al-Qawasmi questioned: “Does the Palestinians have second-class blood? Is humanity classified based on race and colour?”