Gantz threatens to stop talks on judicial reforms if ‘judicial coup’ continues

Middle East Monitor  /  May 30, 2023

Chairman of Israel’s National Unity Party Benny Gantz yesterday warned that he would withdraw from talks on judicial reforms should the “judicial coup” continue, Israeli Public Broadcaster Makan reported.

Gantz warned that he would withdraw from the “judicial coup” talks if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition appointed its candidates for the Knesset’s Judicial Appointments Committee.

The Judicial Appointments Committee is the panel that appoints judges at all levels of Israel’s court system.

He said that the appointment of the candidates for the Judicial Appointments Committee “is something important.”

Gantz stressed that there would be a change of the deal if the two candidates were appointed by the coalition or his representatives were not present at the time of appointment.

“We have said that we will not carry out talks at the house of the president if a judicial coup was being promoted in the Knesset,” he said.

Under such conditions, “talks will stop, society will be torn apart and the state will be harmed,” he warned.