Former officers send ‘alarm’ to Netanyahu over judicial overhaul

Middle East Monitor  /  August 19, 2023

Former intelligence officers of the Special Operations Division of the Israeli Military Intelligence on Friday sent what they called a “real alarm” to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in protest against his plan to weaken Israel’s judiciary.

According to Israeli Public Broadcast Kan, the former officers warned Netanyahu and his cabinet that: “The retention of the authoritarian coup will lead in a very short time to turning the unity built with blood, sweat, tears, souls and dangers to an empty shell.” 

Kan also reported the former officers conveying in a letter to Netanyahu: “The legislations related to the judiciary are considered a lethal and silent attack that citizens do not recognize, but it might lead to many losses in any incoming war or any nuclear confrontation.”

“This price will cost thousands of lives of the Israeli people and will undermine the safety and security of the whole nation.”

The letter signatories added: “Netanyahu recognizes the situation very well, but he turns his back to it and hides it from the public and mass media… It is a strange situation that we cannot understand.”